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About Watermarker

Watermarker was designed with one main feature in mind: ease of use. From the workflow to the user interface, Watermarker was developed to make watermarking easy for everyone. Simply drag an image or an entire directory of images on to the canvas, apply your watermarks, and drag them out to save. Configure your watermarks just the way you want, then save the settings as a preset for future use.

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In The Press:

Watermarker is definitely one of the good ones. Pick it up now and get watermarking.
- Dave Caolo of

It’s often necessary to watermark the photos or images you post online. For example, professional photographers and asset sales sites mark demo images so they can’t be used by visitors. Watermarker makes the process very easy and offers several options.

If you want an easy way to watermark photographs and want to support a standup guy, check out Watermarker. - David Sparks of

Don just recently released a new application for the Mac, Watermarker. I like it. It's a simple application that consistently applies watermarks to images.

Watermarker offers an excellent balance between features and ease of use that easily fits the needs of photographers and designers, regardless of the amount of images they need to process. - Macworld

What's new? Version 1.3!

This version of Watermarker brings with it another popular request by users, which is the ability to drag text watermarks around anywhere on the photo. Just as with custom image watermarks, simply click once on the text to make it editable and then drag it to the best location for your photo! You will probably notice that Watermarker also got a little facelift in version 1.3 to keep it looking right at home on OS X Mavericks.